FAQ - Any questions ?

What is Geek-Art ?

Geek-Art is the name we gave our blog almost 10 years ago. It’s the bridge between Art (graphic design, illustration, painting…) and pop culture (comics, video games, movies, litterature, fantasy…). We at Geek-Art are passionate about both those subjects, and the Geek-Art is, simply told, art inspired by pop culture !

What does "officially licensed" mean ?

It simply means that all our prints and posters are “official products” from the brand they are inspired by. We collaborate with big video games brands such as Capcom or Ubisoft, and every artwork inspired by their various brands are approved by the studio before being printed. We also collaborate directly with artists (such as Caza) to make gorgeous prints out of artworks they own, but we also collaborate with publishing societies such as Hachette to release prints from their books !

How do you calculate shipping rates ?

Each print is carefully packed with silk paper and kraft paper before being put in a big, solid tube. Our tubes are rectangular to fit the French postal services requirements. We really want your print to arrive in perfect shape ! Tubes are shipped via various services and you always receive an email with a tracking number once your order is shipped. All of these are included in our shipping rates.

My print is damaged !

Don’t panic ! Despite all our care, it may happen that the gods decide to ruin your tube for various reasons on their way to their home. In this case, simply send us an email via support@geek-art.net, we will sort this out with you !

Two weeks before shipping ?

It is the time it takes to prepare your order carefully. We do our best to make things quick, but some orders take more time than others. Please note that the 2 weeks is a “worst case scenario” and more than often orders are shipped before !

How do you print your artworks ?

Two ways : screen prints are taken care of by l’Atelier du Grand Chic in Nantes, France. Those amazing guys take care of all the screen printed material for the most reknown Hellfest metal festival, and they do a hell of a job indeed ! We also make “classic” giclee print through another great printer in France, with amazing results !

What is screen printing ?

It’s a printing technique consisting of applying different layers of colored inks one at a time. Each artwork is separated by color, and each color area is filled separately, one at a time, through a silk screen. Results are always amazing in colors and details, as it is a hand maid technique really popular amongst the collector poster world. Some artworks cannot be screenprinted though, too much colors (screen printing is meant for a handful of colors top) or gradient colors. In this case, we use a high quality laser printer !
If you are curious about how the process of screen printing works, please have a look at this awesome video by on of our favorite artists James Flames ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StAKr81dIoQ.
For all that matters, please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail, if you have any problem or just want to say hi !